[160715] We Can Fly Away


We can fly away, we’re flying near the sun
Higher, look at it even more
We can fly away, without anyone left behind
We will show them forever

I’ve try to write this with all my heart, and actually this is my first time.

I don’t know what i’m feeling right now. In the past i cried easily everytime i watched or read Super Junior old stories. What they’ve through to get their position right now, and how people scolding them. It hurt me.

Year after year, i’m still here to be their fans but with the different heart. Sometimes i fall too deep to the other group (Just like what happen recently, when i’m too addicted with TVXQ). That love has been divide without i realize it. I didnt cry anymore, i like Super Junior but yeah… i just like them. Those fangirling feel just become different in the past 2 years.

And today when i listen one of their new song,  We Can singing by Super Junior KRY, those memories coming back. For the first time i listen the song, suddenly i cry for no reason. I have read that the song tell about Super Junior in this 10 years but i even don’t know the meaning of the song, i just want to cry.

And it turn out has a beautiful meaning.

The days build up to the climax, to danger, to the top
You and I become us
Words build up, to misunderstandings, to regret, to making up
We’re already inseparable

It ain’t over till it’s over
It’s not over until it’s over
We’re walking in the darkness (take in a big breath)
Spread out your flag (put it in the ground)
Take a big breath and take off

We can fly away, we’re flying near the sun
Higher, look at it even more
We can fly away, without anyone left behind
We will show them forever

When we were young and didn’t know any better
When we struggled and tripped
It was hard, people telling us to do this and that
We stopped at those words, at those comments

We can fly away, sharing an overwhelmed heart
Those brilliant glory days
We can fly away, we can be proud
Because you and I will be together forever

Thank you  Lee Seunghwan for composing the song. The song has a deep meaning for Super Junior.

The thing that make me more sad today is….


Credit to the owner and @worldwideelfs

I don’t know when teuk said it. Maybe in the radio star or in Satrcast live or in the pres con. I really don’t know but people who said those thing are so mean. Why? T.t They even don’t listen the song!

Super Junior through many thing in their 10 years. People scolding and doubt their skill, meanwhile ELF always showing their love. Seeing how bad SJ in digital and how their company treat them all this time, i start to think that, is it just ELF who care the boys? Is it just ELF who try hard to promote them? Is it just ELF who understanding them?

Why do they have to get all those pain? They’ve tried hard but why people still don’t care?

They might be not the best group and they’re not popular anymore comparing those new groups.  But they still one of the group who brought Kpop around asia and worldwide. And don’t forget, there are just a few group who can stand in their 10th anniversary like Super Junior and they still going on.

“We Can” tell us how Super Junior through their 10 years, together working hard and still going on.

Even people scolding them, saying that they cant sing, saying that they already old but they keep going on. Together with their beloved ELF showing the people that they still alive, and they can be proud.

So, people and haters who  leave those bad comment, please look our boys properly why they deserve those love.

Okay i think i will stop writting now. 🙂 Sorry for my bad english
Anyway, love all the track in the album. Devil is a catchy song. Super Junior fighting! ELF Fighting!


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